People undergoing massage therapy for the first time may be nervous about the experience, but there's no need to fear. In fact, there are many things that massage therapy clients can do to ensure that they receive the type of massage session that they're hoping for. You can try these four things to tailor your massage therapy session to your needs and preferences:

1. You can undress to your comfort level.

Getting undressed before your massage can lessen the amount of friction between your skin and your massage therapist's hands. However, some people are reluctant to get undressed in front of others due to personal, cultural, or religious reasons. Your massage therapist wants you to be comfortable throughout your treatment. For that reason, you will be invited to disrobe to your comfort level. You can choose to get fully undressed or continue wearing your underwear or even all of your clothes. Your massage therapist will alter their technique to accommodate you.

2. You can request fragrance-free products.

In the interest of further reducing friction during massage therapy, massage therapists often use lotions and massage oils to make their hands glide across your skin. These products are typically scented with soothing essential oils that can provide aromatherapy. However, some people are sensitive to scents or have allergic reactions to certain body products. If you have a fragrance sensitivity, you can ask your massage therapist to substitute fragrance-free massage oil or lotion during your treatment.

3. You can and should alert your massage therapist to any sore areas or injuries you may have.

People seek massages for a number of reasons, including simple relaxation or as a remedy for aches and pains. If you arrive at your massage session with any sore areas or old injuries, it's important to bring these things up with your massage therapist. Knowing about areas of muscle tension and soreness can give your massage therapist an idea of where they should focus their efforts. Other injuries, such as joint injuries, should be avoided to prevent further exacerbation of your condition. Giving your massage therapist all the relevant information can ensure that they are able to provide top-notch treatment for you.

4. You can request adjunct services.

Finally, people who schedule massage therapy appointments and request adjunct services improve their experience. Hot stone treatments can relax the muscles, allowing massage therapy to be even more effective. Aromatherapy and sound therapy are additional treatments that can be performed simultaneously with traditional massage. Each spa has its own treatments, so you can look at your spa's menu to figure out what services you would like to try. 

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